Mount Vernon Flea Market

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What:       Mount Vernon Flea Market
When:     We host the Mount Vernon Flea Market the fourth Saturday of the month.     Dates for 2018 are TBD.
Time:       8AM to 1:30 PM, RAIN or SHINE
Where:     8717 Fort Hunt Road, Alexandria, VA 22308

We will have 20 vendors present selling items such as: homemade goods, lavender sachets, jewelry, soaps and scrubs, antique and vintage items; books, gift shop merchandise, arts and crafts, collectible dolls, household items, hobby items, tapestry, toys, nick-nacks, clothes (nice clothes), CD’s and DVDs, collectible items, vintage trolls, vintage records, comic books, etc.

To make your reservation, please contact the coordinator directly at the phone number or email provided. Bring your own tables, chairs, shade, and sell, sell, sell.

How much: Seller’s $25 .00 for (1) one 10’x30′ space

Coordinator:  Mike Zarlenga


2 thoughts on “Mount Vernon Flea Market


    I am wondering when the 2018 calendar will be out. I wanted to sell a few times last year and never did so I am hoping to get to a few this year!


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