What is that container for?

In 1961, MVL was chartered and the Brethren began meeting at what was then a volunteer fire station. Due to the fact that the lodge purchase (explained on our history page) took some time to be realized so that we could assemble on what was once the original land of Illustrious Brother George Washington, no time capsule was laid. Sixty years later, we have decided to fill our own time capsule to be opened on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of our lodge.

One or our great Masonic traditions involves the placement of a cornerstone in the Northeast section of a building containing a time capsule. Many courthouses, schools, lodges and schools have been renovated or demolished only for those doing the work to discover time capsules containing reminders of what things were like in the years the capsules were sealed. In order to promote this tradition, MVL’s WB John Tillery has been kind enough to purchase a time capsule that we can send on to be discovered by our Masonic brethren in 2061 when the lodge celebrates 100 years of existence.

Several of our current members have promoted the history and unique significance of our lodge by donating items or pledging to donate items to be placed in the time capsule (pictured above). The time capsule already contains some Washington Post details about recent significant sports events. We’ll also add some items from Mount Vernon celebrating George Washington’s history as a Freemason. WB Grayson Koogle has been kind enough to donate several historic items from his father, who was a charter member of our lodge. If you have items you wish to donate, please see our senior steward so we can make a record of your contribution and document our membership for remembrance in 2061.

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